Custom Built Sound Immersion Tables

Immerse yourself completely in your favorite sounds. Fully experience the power of sound without strain to the ears. Our Sound Immersion Tables are built using the highest quality hardwood massage tables and utilize full-range tactile transducers rather than speakers. The tactile transducers allow strong sound vibrations to reach your body without sounding loud to the ears.


All models are multichannel (2 channel minimum) such that the stereo signal from your mp3 player or cd flows across your body from head to toe… in smooth pulses and waves.


Uses Include full-body Sound Immersion for:

• Sound Therapy

• More Effective Massage Therapy

• Meditation

• Music and Sonic Enthusiasts

• Healing Love couples practice


Each table is custom built to your specifications; available in a range of widths, heights, and colors. Also, special transducer geometries are available for those with specific sonic requirements. (email thomas for special needs)


Options include:

• Professional 4-channel mixer with headphone volume control and Microphone / Line inputs for secondary audio input and Instrument input for Music Therapy applications

• HiFi stereo headphones

• Widths: 28” -32” (35” for special order, call or email)

• mp3 or cd player connectivity

• special transducer configurations (2-transducer is standard, 4 or 6 transducer by custom order)

• Any color upholstery (see chart below)  -NaturSoft™ Upholstery

“Natursoft feels soft to the touch… a luxurious silky-smooth feel similar to fine glove leather. We’ve tested Natursoft’s durability with extensive rub tests, including several of the most popular oil and crème products used in today’s spas. The results were phenomenal… a long lasting, easy to clean upholstery that is so soft, you have to feel it to believe it! And most importantly, Natursoft is an environmentally friendly polyurethane fabric with biodegradable rayon backing that supports [a] commitment to the environmental and to our customers. “



•Length: 73”

•Height Range: 23” -33”

•Weight approx. 50 lbs with transducers

•Widths: 28” 30” 32” (35” special order, email thomas)

•Max Working Weight: 800 lbs

•Full Reiki Endplates (not shown above)

•Includes Professional Adjustable Headrest (not shown above)

•Tactile Frequency Range: 15 – 800 Hz, Audible Frequency Range: 35 – 17,000 Hz

•Audio amplifier 2 x 75 watts RMS (into 4 ohms @ less than 0.01% THD), Weight: 13 lbs


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Notes to Seller:

email thomas for questions, custom options and pricing: soundtables.com@gmail.com


Disclaimer: “Sound Immersion Tables” do not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor do they claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions.  We do not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor apply medical, mental health or human development principles. None of the statements made on this site have been approved or reviewed by the FDA. If you are suffering from any disease or illness you should consult your personal health care practitioner before undergoing any type of treatment.