mind/body integration - meditation - spatial awareness

full-body listening… pulses and swells of sound waves reach every cell

fully restore the mind-body connection

as sound waves gently bring awareness into every cell

simplicity... beauty... harmony

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bring the power of sound with you... anywhere

our innovative design is…

simple, powerful, and Portable

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Custom Built Sound Tables

Using advanced Tactile Transducers, our Sound Tables bring the vibrations and harmonics of music into every cell of your body. Simply connect your MP3 or CD player and relax into your favorite sounds. Fully experience the power of sound without strain to the ears.

New Technology

New tactile transducer technology now makes it possible to bring full spectrum sounds directly into the body.

Whereas speakers are designed to send sound waves through the air, tactile transducers are designed to send sound waves directly into the body.

The Future of Mind-Body Integration

Mind-body awareness follows the sound as it moves through every cell in the body. Modern research shows that an integrated mind-body awareness is a key factor in holistic well-being, co-ordination, and relaxation.

Full-Body Listening can support

  • Sound Therapy
  • Addiction and Trauma Recovery
  • More Effective  Massage Therapy
  • Extreme Athletic Recovery
  • Meditation
  • Mind-Body Practices
  • Qi Gong
  • Full Body Music Experience
  • Healing Love couples practice

Highest Quality Components and Construction

Our Sound Tables are each custom-built to order with Loving care. We use only the highest quality components and seek to minimize environmental impact in every step.

We start with the highest quality hardwood maple portable massage tables. Our custom bracing is of high acoustical transmission Red Oak hardwood. Each unit includes two full-spectrum high power tactile transducers, an audiophile level powerblock amplifier, a HiFi headphone amplifier and headphones, as well as all necessary cables to connect to your CD or MP3 player.


Choose one of seven colors of luxurious NATURSOFT™ uphostery.

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•Length: 73”

•Height Range: 23” -33”

•Weight approx. 50 lbs with transducers

•Widths: 32” Standard (28,” 30,” or 35” by special order, email thomas)

•Max Working Weight: 300 lbs

•Full Reiki Endplates

•Includes Professional Adjustable Headrest / Face-Cradle and Heavy-Duty Zippered Carry Case

•Tactile Frequency Range: 15 – 800 Hz, Audible Frequency Range: 35 – 17,000 Hz

•Audio amplifier 2 x 75 watts RMS (into 4 ohms @ less than 0.01% THD), Weight: 13 lbs

Experience the Power of Sound to Awaken and Transform


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